Isometric Shooter - Parts

Project Description

This game was started as a school project in 2014 for my Diploma in Games Design and Development, with a team of 3 artists, 1 game designer, and myself as the sole programmer. 

Parts is a isometric shooter with slight RPG elements included in the game. The short story revolves around our main character, Beta, making his way back to the lab where he was created after mysteriously waking up in a junkyard.

Personally, these were some of the notable takeaways I had from the project:

  • Learned how to create a equipment change system (visually too!) when working with 3D Models.
  • Learned how to work with animated 3D Models & how to synchronize the Animation with the skills in code.
  • Learned the usage of Finite State Machines (FSMs) in creating basic AI.
  • Learned how to work effectively in a team environment. (Communication, work ethics, etc.)