Grid Based Puzzle Game - Puzzle Wars

Project Description

Puzzle Wars is a personal project that I started with the aim of improving my programming in general by writing a game on Unity by myself from start to finish. 

The gameplay in Puzzle Wars is fairly simple, when a group of 3 (or more) gems of the same color are clicked, they are cleared away and damage is dealt to the opponent based on the number of gems cleared.

These were the goals I wanted to accomplish with this project:

  • To grasp the concept of 2 dimensional grids in code.
  • To code a game from start to finish (Gameplay -> AI -> UI) in order to understand the general workflow in game creation, especially in an indie environment where one might be required to work on multiple aspects of the game.
  • To improve my understanding of Unity's UI.
  • To understand synchronization between graphics and code. This is especially evident when the gems are falling and another group of gems are clicked. The ending positions of all gems are determined the moment any gem is cleared.

All the art assets used in Puzzle Wars are available from